What makes you feel excited?

I want to write down all moments when I feel exciting. Not common phrases like this: “I get excited when good things happen to good people”. Only specific events in my life.
I felt excited:

- yesterday evening, when I’ve decided to continue writing for my Perfect Photo Blog;
- when I’ve got an idea about new interesting post on that blog;
- when I went out of my house and enjoyed a warm spring day;
- when I’ve got the idea to edit in Photoshop our participant’s photo and then show how I do it;
- when I am writing this post;
- when I spoke with Alex about our business plans and ideas;
- when I’ve got a challenging task in Photoshop how to change a background color with liquid
- when I discussed our Jewelry Project with Eugenia
- when I put 5 new books to Amazon shopping Card
- when I read the book “Assembling Point” by Anvar Bakirov
-will continue this post:-)

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