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Remember a time when you felt wonderful.

“Think of a time when you felt wonderful.”

It was the first part of NLP exercise I did, and I had a mental block. I don’t remember or can’t imaging that feeling:-( Rather I can remember when I felt wonderful physically… or mentally, but not entirely wonderful. So now I want to catch this “wonderful” filling moment and remember it.

I felt wonderful when I created this flower. It was spontaneous desire, and I just followed my inspiration.

Accepting the Self Establishing Values through NLP

“Many people know what they want to have – few what they want to be.”

I’ve tried to find my Core Values in the previous exercise.

Here are 32 questions how to prioritize and establish the Values. Looks very interesting. I will do this exercise next week, and post my results here.

Click and Ask yourself these questions

photo by Alex Koloskov

What makes you feel excited?

I want to write down all moments when I feel exciting. Not common phrases like this: “I get excited when good things happen to good people”. Only specific events in my life.
I felt excited:

- yesterday evening, when I’ve decided to continue writing for my Perfect Photo Blog;
- when I’ve got an idea about new interesting post on that blog;
- when I went out of my house and enjoyed a warm spring day;
- when I’ve got the idea to edit in Photoshop our participant’s photo and then show how I do it;
- when I am writing this post;
- when I spoke with Alex about our business plans and ideas;
- when I’ve got a challenging task in Photoshop how to change a background color with liquid
- when I discussed our Jewelry Project with Eugenia
- when I put 5 new books to Amazon shopping Card
- when I read the book “Assembling Point” by Anvar Bakirov
-will continue this post:-)

Discover Your Core Values

This is a very good practice to discover your core values: The “Mountains and Valleys” by Dave Logan.

You should fill your name and e-mail to download the exercise in pdf format.

Here is what I have after this exercise. My core values and my way to happiness:

1. Be inspired, creative and open-minded.
2. Be honest, determined and persistent.
3. Build exciting and inspiring relationships with like-minded people.
4. Work and learning should bring joy and pleasure, and/or I should be excited about it.
5. Use positive psychology to help myself and others reach full personal potential.
6. Enjoy life and feel good about myself.(thanks Tim Ferriss)
7. Create value with simplicity. Do not over complicate things.
8. Try everything, use all opportunities, take chances.
9. Ask myself “Why?” as often as I can.
10. Live my own life.