Hedgehog. If you have a hog, you win. If you don’t have a hog, you lose.

Written by Lana Kravtsova from daringclarity.com for The Entrepreneur School

3 circles hedgehog concept

3 circles hedgehog concept

How do you know which idea, project, gig, client to give a green light to and which not even bother researching further? How do you get clear on which business model, product or service are really going to make you rich, happy and fulfilled and which are going to drain your energy and suck your time leaving your soul empty and hurting.

How do you stay on purpose and say “yes” only to the right opportunities. And if you’ve been in business for any time at all, you know that it’s not the lack of opportunities or ideas but an incredible amount of them that leaves us terrified and unsure what to do next.

There is one word that will solve all of the above problems for you.


Works like magic each and every time.

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