Discover Your Core Values

This is a very good practice to discover your core values: The “Mountains and Valleys” by Dave Logan.

You should fill your name and e-mail to download the exercise in pdf format.

Here is what I have after this exercise. My core values and my way to happiness:

1. Be inspired, creative and open-minded.
2. Be honest, determined and persistent.
3. Build exciting and inspiring relationships with like-minded people.
4. Work and learning should bring joy and pleasure, and/or I should be excited about it.
5. Use positive psychology to help myself and others reach full personal potential.
6. Enjoy life and feel good about myself.(thanks Tim Ferriss)
7. Create value with simplicity. Do not over complicate things.
8. Try everything, use all opportunities, take chances.
9. Ask myself “Why?” as often as I can.
10. Live my own life.


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