I am Genia.

This project is about me, for me and my way to find the true “me”. I don’t plan to make it too publicized, but I think you will find it interesting.

I am still looking for my Passion and Purpose, although I prefer to call it Self-Actualization. I believe I can find it through creativity and following my inspiration. We’ll see:-)

This blog is my notebook. I will collect useful info here, make exercises, and share my journey to self-actualization.

Another goal of this project is to improve my English and my ability to express my thoughts. I will appreciate it if you correct my mistakes in the comments.

In this project, you will find:

– interesting links and resources related to Positive Psychology and Self-Actualization
– Quotes from the non-fiction books I’ve read
– Quotes from Outstanding People
– Articles about Creativity
– Practice tests, exercises, and questions
– My personal projects such as my ideas, and things I am working on, launching, and creating.


Below are my Core Values that come from exercises here and here. I believe it helps me make right decisions.


  1. Use positive psychology to help myself and others reach full personal potential.
  2. Be free, independent and live my own life.
  3. Raise my children to be intelligent, creative and independent.
  4. Be inspired, creative and open-minded.
  5. Be honest, determined and persistent.
  6. Enjoy life and feel good about myself. (thanks Tim Ferriss)
  7. Build exciting and inspiring relationships with like-minded people.
  8. Try everything, use all opportunities, and take chances.
  9. Work and learning should bring joy and pleasure, and/or be exciting.
  10. Create value with simplicity. Do not over complicate things.

photo by Alex Koloskov

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